The Sandman Pony

 I wrote this with a voice recognition program while laying on the couch about to fall asleep.  Its not finished and I am still editing..  Thanks..

For my friend..  Paula..

Sarah was lost deep in thought. Her head was down and her hands were buried deep in the pockets of her wool coat as she came to the intersection of Eighth and Way.  She had her collar up to keep the chill from cutting through her but as cold as it was outside it compared nothing to the chill she felt on the inside. She was only six blocks from the hospital where her daughter Penny lay in a bed desperately trying to survive another day. Her poor little frail body was desperately battling the effects of the chemotherapy and the ravages of the cancer inside her. 

"Eight and Way" she thought to herself looking up at the street sign. I don't remember this area.This must be an old part of town. The streets were a patchwork of old cobblestone and brick and the shops hadn't seen much paint and last decade or so. She noticed a cat scratching at the door of a butcher shop, begging for scraps. In the huge display window someone had stenciled years ago Mike's Meat Shop "fresh meat daily", but Sarah wasn't hungry in fact she had no appetite at all. She spent all her time worrying about Penny and couldn't eat knowing her baby girl was fighting for her life. 

 Sarah kept her head down in her hands tucked in her pocket trying to force back tears. She stepped across a puddle that had collected in a low spot of the cobblestone road. She walked past four or five more display windows until until she came to the last one at the corner of Eighth and Way which was nicely painted with a dark green paint and brown trim and had a sign above the store said "Out of this World Antiques".

Sarah paused in front of the display window of the shop not really looking at what was inside looking more at her reflection in the glass. Having a child sick is a terrible feeling being hopeless helpless unable to do anything unable to stop Penny's pain unable to stop the horrible treatments and unable to stop the damn cancer.

 "I'm losing my flippin mind" Sarah said out loud. "What am I supposed to do"?

 She had decided to go for a walk while Penny was taken for her next . She just needed a break from the hospital. From the smell and squeaky sound of the nurses shoes as they walked up and down the hallways. 

"Just a little walk" she had thought to herself but now she had walked farther than she had intended to go.

 about it -- any wonder where I'm at she had just started to turn away from the window when something caught her eye of pony she turned back towards the glass and there was a carved wooden pony with a long flowing mane and a little red saddle something about the pony struck a chord insider recalled her in a way to many it seemed to say give me a penny a little gift for her might cheer up without thinking Sarah turned back to the store to shop and a little bell a little bill tinkled lightly softly when she opened the door